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Yvan Stritt



From very young, Yvan Stritt has always been interested in culture, particularly in music and art. Even though he chose a commercial career, art always found a predominant place in his life. Works from world renowned or local artists fascinate him and influenced the decoration of his environment. Since he was a child, he expressed his creative spirit through drawings and instrumental music.


After years dedicated to collecting art works – paintings and sculptures – Yvan Stritt spontaneously decided to start art painting activities in 2007, in a complete autodidact way. After 3 years of creation, he decides to attend his first lessons with one of his favourite artist, Giovanni Huber, with whom he later participated in a workshop in Tuscany, followed by an exhibition at Podere di Campinovi in Colle di Val d’Elsa.


His paintings are clearly influenced or inspired by one or another of his favourite artists such as Gernot Kissel for the subjects "women", Rolf Ziegler and Giovanni Huber for the abstract themes. Despite these influences, Yvan Stritt works on developing his own style, guided by emotions and sometimes very personal messages found in his abstract works. His "women" paintings clearly reflect his love for the beauty of nudes and women paintings, subjects who inspired painters through time.



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